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After a thorough research of many years we have been able to put together all that is required to get a good band score and present it to all the IELTS aspirants in the form of a book titled IELTS MADE EASY.

IELTS MADE EASY is a bilingual book - English to Hindi which runs in a format of Trainer, Candidate and Examiner talking to each other. It has an interactive approach.

It benefits the candidates by:

  • Telling them what is expected out of them by the IELTS examiner, i.e. the kind of output required in all four skills - Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking in order to get a high band score.
  • Making the best out of the strengths the candidate has.
  • On what parameters are the modules evaluated/checked in the IELTS examination and telling them where would they be negatively marked.
  • It is all about understanding, realizing and fulfilling the gap prior to achieving the goal ie; the required BAND SCORE.

IELTS MADE EASY is therefore all about learning the mechanism and enhancing your band scores. It sums up HOW and WHAT to do to achieve HIGHER BAND SCORE.

The Authors

Anil Dubey


Roohi Trehan

Roohi Trehan 220
  • Former Administrator IDP IELTS Australia
  • Signatory of IELTS results
  • Conducted IELTS Examinations
  • IELTS Examiner Selection and Training Coordinator

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