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This is a course specially designed for candidate/s (max 3) who have limitation of time and is for FIVE sessions. A candidate would opt for any 2 days of the week in immediate succession i.e. Monday / Tuesday, Wednesday / Thursday, or Friday / Saturday, either for the Morning (10:00 hrs) or Evening (18:00 hrs.) session. The duration of the session would be for approx. 3 hrs. per day.

The course will equip the candidate with all the technical know how for achieving excellent result and is designed on the basis of the assessment parameters of the REAL IELTS TEST. Most important, it would also let the candidate know about the commonly made mistakes which affects the band scores.

First Week

Two modules would be conducted on pre specified / selected days and time which would be through hand holding for listening and Reading. After the session home assignment would be given which would be reviewed in the second week.

Second Week

Review of Listening and Reading followed by hand holding for Writing and Speaking, after the session home assignment would be given which would be reviewed in the third week.

Third Week

Review of Speaking and Overall / final review of all the four modules.

After the review based on the candidate/s performance and band score requirement an Education Prescription, would be given suggesting the following

  • Test Date
  • Number of Modules for practise required before the Test
  • Additional practise material
  • Mentors advice

Consultation: -$ 800.00 (inclusive of IELTS MADE EASY)